Monday, May 11, 2009

Matt Stairs hits on your Mom... 's Day that is.

It was a rough weekend for those Phightin' Phils after a great outing by Mr. Hollywood Hamels on Friday night. The only good thing that came after the 10-6 win was Mateo contributing the best he could by going 2 for 2 with an RBI double to take the lead on Sunday. Unlucky for us, Jack Taschner was brought in to hold down the fort and he let it collapse worse than the Cowboys' practice facility (when does JC come back again?). Although Matt did a decent job relieving Jayson Werth for the day he couldn't carry the team all by himself. It would have been nice for the top of the line-up to set the table and contribute some base runners... *cough* Jimmy Rollins *cough*



  1. Jack Trashcan please go away!

    I can not wait till JC is back and this guy has no more purpose.

  2. At least we only gave up Paulino for this chump. Although Paulino is playing better than Coste as of right now... Some how this makes me dislike Trashner even more.